Manage Deliveries

Manage Deliveries

Protect your delivered and unattended packages from package theft. Stop "Porch Pirates."

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Keep everything safe

Keep everything safe

Know exactly when your package is delivered by email, text or app and if it is removed by an unauthorized person.

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  • Connect to Wifi

    At the size of a Frisbee, the Package Guard is a Wi-Fi enabled device that is simple to setup in less than 5 minutes. The Package Guard is battery operated and will last for 6-9 months before replacing the batteries.

  • Place outside front door

    The Package Guard automatically notifies you and your neighbors, if you choose to include them, when your packages have been delivered or removed from your porch by email or a text message.

  • Keep your delivery safe

    The device can easily be fastened to your porch with a screw or by using the adhesive pads on the bottom. We have also designed the Package Guard to trigger an alarm if a thief attempts to steal the device with your packages.

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Can the thief take the packages and the Package Guard at the same time?

Yes he could take it if it was not attached to the porch. First off you can secure the device to your hard surface so it can't be moved without some extra tools and effort. Second, if the device is picked up the alarm will still be activated. So it would be extremely unlikely a thief would try to take a alarm device that is going off. Furthermore the device can only be used by the registered owner.

Can someone else take the Package Guard and use it for their house?

No, only the person who registered the device will be able to use it. Once you submit your email and phone number you would need those credentials to set it up at another house.

Is the device waterproof?

Yes, the product was created in Seattle so of course it is... it is a sealed device so water will not penetrate the inside of the device.

What happens if more than one box is stacked and you only take the top one off?

The alarm will sound since the weight was reduced.

How do you change the batteries?

There is a trap door on the bottom of the device that has one small screw to remove to replace the 4 AA batteries.

Will boxes slide off the top of the device?

Yes, that is possible, but not likely since the top has a non skid surface and is a flat surface of 11" in diameter.

How long does the alarm go off if you don’t turn it off with your phone?

You can of course turn it off immediately with your phone by replying to the alert you received or using the app. But it will turn itself off after 7-12 mins (we are still evaluating this length), so it won’t annoy your neighbors too long.

How heavy of a package (s) can the Package Guard hold?

It can hold up to 400 lbs. That is a whole lot of package.

If you take a package off the stack of packages, will the alarm sound?

Yes it will sound if you take one of the packages off the stack of packages. One point here is that about 20% of us receive more than one package in a single day during a 7 day period, so the device is designed to protect all your packages. Yes we do get more than one package at a time but it is not a frequent occurrence for most of the population.

What is the minimum weight that will activate the Package Guard?

Currently we have that set at 1.5 lbs but we are still evaluating the correct activation weight.

Can a cat or some animal set it off?

We have systems in place so a cat or other animal can’t activate it by walking on it or by someone stepping on it accidentally.

Do the package(s) have to be placed perfectly on the center of the device?

Can the Package Guard trigger a camera to take a picture or video?

This is definitely in our plans. We are currently talking to camera manufacturers so this will be possible in the next iteration of the product.